Monday, 29 March 2021  |  Admin

The next instalment of the great narrowboat refit is out. Building our Sofa and storage for the TV and Guitars and assorted bits and bobs!

There are many different seating options we have tried over the years. We have looked at new sofas and failed to find one that was right for us. The only option was to make our own.

That is the thing about boats; it is very hard to buy things off the peg that fit how your really need them. You can compromise; for example Ikea furniture can work well, but things like cupboards and sofas really need to be built to fit the boat.

We knew we could use 18mm ply and the Pocket Hole jig to make the frame, but we had to learn the new skill of stretching webbing (we wanted the extra comfort) and sewing bags for the seat cushions. We even managed to include a bit of upcycling using a nearly new memory foam mattress for the cushion inners: Perfect!

Oh and not to forget, we squeezed in some Decoupage, Bright colours and 3D Printing.