Monday, 27 April 2020  |  Admin

Hope everyone is coping and safe during this time of Covid-19. Lou is in the shielded group as she has severe Asthma. This has proved to be difficult as it has meant I (Ali) have to shield as well! Keeping separate on a 6ft wide Narrowboat is impossible. Going to the post off or get supplies we canít get delivered is an ordeal. A full decontamination procedure has to be gone through. This usually involves being sprayed with alcohol cleaner and clothes go straight into the wash! Not pleasant!!!

We have decided to spend the time revamping our websites and product pictures so please bear with us. We are also working on new designs and have loads of new ideas. Lou is working on new Canal Artist paintings and has completed a drawing of BT Tower. Itís an idea she has had for years and finally had the time to work on it.

It is now ready to buy as an Open Edition Print.

To keep up our spirits we have decided to take part in the Virtual BCN challange. If you donít know what that is let me explain. Its a whacky narrowboat race which is usually run around May on the Birmingham Canal Navigations. The BCN is 100 miles of canals taking you around Birmingham and the Black Country. In the race you accumulate points for taking your narrowboat through locks and going to not well used parts. The canals have been closed to navigation so no boats are going anywhere!

The Virtual BCN challange starts today (Monday 4th May) and we have a gear box time machine! So we can explore the lost 60miles of the BCN. Its become a pleasant distraction and also a historical exploration of one of our favorite parts of the canal system.