Tuesday, 1 December 2020  |  Admin

Phew! that was both tiring and exciting. We were please to get the order from Tony at Track Stars. Tony runs Go Kart kids parties and wanted a laser cut set of the track and characters.

Using his graphics we were able to finalise the design he wanted. Having worked out the costings and time involved Tony confirmed the order. Weeeellll when Ali came to cut the 120 sets she realised she had totally underestimated how long it was going to take! This became a rival to the mammoth teapot challenge of 2018 when a customer ordered 2000 15cm teapots!! (that’s another story!!)

One thing about our CO2 laser is it cant be run continuously for more than 5 hrs. We had told Tony it would be ready in a couple of days!! Nope… not gonna happen. So we have been working around the clock to get the job done in 5 hour shifts.

We we didn’t waste the time sat in front of the laser watching it cut and engrave! Having decided to get the website sorted and find a better ecommerce app we multitasked. Making the decision to move to WordPress and use Easycart was a good call. Amazing! It finally does what we want for a change!!!. We also managed to get all of the products into our Facebook Store. Soooo happy that is done as OMG what a palaver FB pages and Shop has become!!!

We finally completed the order and its on its way to Tony. Totally thrilled with what we made for Tony they look absolutely fantastic.