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You have two materials to choose from: Birch Plywood and MDF. Secondly you can choose a thickness of 3mm or 6mm.

The smallest size we can make will fit within a 2cm square. The largest size we can make for you would be a shape that fits within a 40cm square. For anything larger please email us to see if we can help you.

Need Holes? Just tell us how many and where.


These crown wooden craft shapes are available in Sizes 2cm 40cm

They are ready to decorate and perfect for painting however you may want to give them a final rub down to remove any laser processing marks on the face of the item. The laser cutting process produces a nice medium to dark brown finish to the edges and they have a slight aroma.

Material Properties

MDF is nice and smooth to paint on, but it will need sealing first as it is very absorbent.

Plywood has a natural wooden grain and can be left natural, varnished, stained or painted.