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We were commissioned by Urban Moorings (Facebook Link Here) to make a series of signs for their community project. These are to name the series of wooden buildings used in the community garden space. You can commission your own from us HERE

We had spent the time learning how to use the 'Little CNC' to learn wood carving, it was decided that this would be the perfect project to put our new skills to the test (plus it would mean making one for Lous' own studio).

A few months ago we were asked by our friend Sandra (who is currently on a 'Grand Expedition' to the furthest reaches of the Irish Canals), to take part in the 2020 Lockdown Edition of the BCN Challenge.

Tuesdays Log 


We woke up to a glorious celebration. It is our challenge organiser’s 6oth birthday. Sandra had been beavering away all night making a cake for you. Alas her baking skills are somewhat lacking!! Luckily Lesley stepped into the breach & baked another cake whilst Sandra consoled herself by eating the entire other cake.

Wednesday log

We were up bright and early yet again as we wanted a good start up the Cannock Extension. Had to give Ronnie a bit of a kick to get the kettle on, she isn’t a Morning Person. And a certain amount of Gin had been…

Thursdays Log

Today was just a straight run south to Salford Junction - easy peasy our navigator Tom said! Just a few locks no turn offs and we’ll be there!!


After a night on the sloe gin, we awoke with fuzzy heads and feeling a bit out of kilter. As we looked across the cabin, we saw Lou in a heap on the floor. We didn’t remember her being that drunk… but then again, we didn’t remember much at all. Someone mentioned dancing along the beam at midnight…



After our overnight at Smethwick Junction we awoke to the delicious smell of sizzling bacon.  Ronni had decided to treat us as it was our last day of the virtual BCN challenge. We didn‘t need any encouragement. Over breakfast we got news of heavy weed infestation on the New Main Line, so some rethinking of our route was needed if we were to make the finish line by 6pm. Navigator Tom set to work and came up with a new route.









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