I completed this piece as a commission for a couple who love the canals but do not own a boat of their own at the moment. They have lovely memories of places they have holidayed over the canal network, and they wanted a reminder of a place special to them. They chose the Bingley Five Rise set of staircase locks and showed me some photos that showed how they remembered it. It was a challenge as it is full of

Phew! that was both tiring and exciting. We were please to get the order from Tony at Track Stars. Tony runs  Go Kart kids parties and wanted a laser cut set of the track and characters. Using his graphics we were able to finalise the design he wanted. Having worked out the costings and time involved Tony confirmed the order. Weeeellll when Ali came to cut the 120 sets she realised she had totally underestimated how long it was going to

Designed by Lou initially for herself, she would like to share this personal design with fellow Wiccans and Pagans. It forms part of a larger collection that will expand over time. It combines the beautiful grain of natural Birch with a brilliant British made cotton twine we discovered. Perfect for use with an alter, or small and light enough to be carried with you for protection or spells on the move. It can also be used for decoration in any room

Urban Moorings commissioned us to make a series of signs for their community project. These are to name the series of wooden buildings used in the community garden space. Having taken the time to learn how to use the 'Little CNC' for wood carving, it was decided that this would be the perfect project to put our new skills to the test (plus it would mean making one for Lou's' own studio). Well we got through three of the four signs when disaster

  Hope everyone is coping and safe during this time of Covid-19.  Lou is in the shielded group as she has severe Asthma. This has proved to be difficult as it has meant I (Ali) have to shield as well! Keeping separate on a 6ft wide Narrowboat is impossible. Going to the post off or get supplies we can't get delivered is an ordeal. A full decontamination procedure has to be gone through. This usually involves being sprayed with alcohol cleaner


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