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Laser Cutting Disaster

After a normal day of cutting the previous day, we powered up Lowry to begin a new days work and started up the laser as normal.

Lou was busy working in Da Vinci on designs when she got a frantic phone call from Ali:

Ali: “Lou, there’s something wrong with the Laser. It’s making a funny buzzing noise and wont cut anything?”

Lou: “Is it the tube? – has it blown?”

Ali: “I don’t know, come and help, we need to take it all apart”

Lou: “F!!@*****!!!K” with finance head on pondering how much money this is going to take to fix

Lou arrives and Ali, at the technical end of the machine, prodding wires gingerly, sighs – the tube is firing like it is a van der graaf generator and nothing much is happening at the business end….

And so the fix has to begin