Artwork by DV

We have lived and worked on the canals for over 20 years. Our Artwork is inspired by our journeys around the canal network as well as our love of technology. Its the juxtaposition of the old and new we find so fascinating and love exploring in our work.

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BCN Birmingham Collection

The Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) is a network of canals that connects from Birmingham to Wolverhampton and the Black Country.  The hub of the BCN is the bustling city centre junction at Gas Street Basin. We have spend many hours exploring the BCN around Gas St on our Narrowboat and this collection is inspired by our journeys and the History of the BCN in Birmingham. 


BCN Black Country Collection

The Birmingham Canal Navigations (BCN) is a network of canals that connects Black Country to, Wolverhampton, and Birmingham. The BCN system adds up to 100 miles of canals.  In the northern waters of the BCN, there are some rarely-explored waterways that are truly off the beaten track. This Collection is inspired by our exploration of the canals in the Black Country


On the Canals Collection

Artworks inspired by our extensive Journeys around the 2000 mile canal network. The canals are our home and we love them. Its not just a home its a lifestyle. We love the chocolate box scenes and the urban decay, as well as the gentrification of the canal corridor. Spend a day on a narrowboat and you can witness it all.


Laser Art Collection

Step into a world where creativity gets technical! At DV Laser Art, we're passionate about crafting stunning pieces with our high-precision lasers. From delicate pictures to complex geometric patterns, our wooden masterpieces are a testament to where imagination meets precision. Join us on a journey of artistic discovery, one pixel and beam at a time.


DV Fantasy Collection

Our collection of artwork springs from a well of imagination and creative contemplation, influenced by technology, science, and engineering. It also draws upon our passion for the mystical and pagan realms, alongside a spontaneous appreciation for graphic novels. This includes an array of videography, photography, and computer-generated imagery.