Commission Us

Work with us, and we will create a unique piece just for you.


Perfectly match your commission to your room’s décor and mood or complement your other pieces.

Special Gift

Commissioning an Artwork is no more expensive than purchasing any of our original artwork. Price is according to size, style and media.
Commissioning art makes a truly unique present that will be cherished forever.


We specialise in Paintings, sculptures and CGI artworks. Have the piece fit perfectly in your space to your exact size requirements.


Commission a seascape, landscape, cityscape, character or fantasy artwork from your references and ideas. We are often asked to recreate a scene that evokes memories of a particular place or time.

Get Started

Senda photo or a range of pictures of your cityscape/landscape/ wacky ideas that you would like the commission to be based on


Specify the size that works best for your space. Give examples of any colour palettes or other paintings you have.


We discuss what medium will be best, price ranges and timescales.

Get Going 

We will send you an invoice for the painting with the postage and packaging itemised. A deposit of 50% is payable before work commences.